Accomplishment Statements Show Results on Your Resume!

Resumes often chronicle work history, but not accomplishments and skills.  Talent is not measured by experience, but by showing accomplishments that quantify or qualify your effort delineating the positive results.

Use these guidelines to help you draft, and redraft, your resume to show the talent and accomplishment that sets you apart from the crowd.  Remember however that there is really no perfect resume, only the one that does the job in a specific siutation of persuading the reader that you have what they need.  The resume also has an impact on the interview, often driving it.  What better way to gain control of the interview, introducing the information which illustrates what you have done and can do for the prospective employer, effectively helping set the agenda for what you’ll talk about?

Have someone like your EaRN Coach, or a person who’s seen a lot of resumes in the course of their career review your’s and provide feedback.  Doing so can significantly improve your resume, not over-selling or under-selling your talent.