Challenges with Online Applications: Insider Guidelines and Tips

Every employer who’s ever run an ad to hire someone knows the problem: too many resumes or applications to screen through when the economy is slow (many people are looking for new work), and too few resumes or applications to screen when the economy is growing rapidly (people are happy where they are and not looking for a new work assignment).  Consequently, the employers all are trying to “manage the pipeline of applicants”, turning on and off the spigot as needed.

But this presents some issues, as we might expect, for those applying for positions and trying to track the selection process and timetable with the employer!  Employers don’t want the expense of taking time to talk with applicants by phone, or even responding with an email acknowledgement because that requires a computerized system (meaning, they again have to spend $$$ to provide that courtesy).  So this section focuses on how to hand the process and the “data entry” of your qualifying information into the employer’s “applicant tracking system” (known among the electronic recruiting community as an ATS).

The tips here will help you make decisions about how you will handle the applying-online process.