Compose a “Reason for Leaving” Statement

Explaining why you left (or are considering leaving a position) can be a touchy subject to discuss at an interview.  Composing a ‘reason-for-leaving’ statement can help you be prepared for the question, “Why did you leave your position?”, as well as help you deal with the emotions that were involved, especially so if you were involuntarily released.  The statement’s effect on helping you release the negative emotions of an involuntary release from employment can help you stop looking backward and instead look forward to a new work assignment.

Use this article to help you think about and compose such a statement, even if you don’t go so far as to send it to the former employer to negotiate a common story–the statement is most importantly for you. Some employers will not ‘negotiate’ at all, sticking only with giving out your dates of employment, and possibly whether or not you are eligible for rehire.  So, try never to “burn a bridge” when leaving a job.