Demonstrate How You Would Perform the Tasks of the Assignment

Human resource professionals have an axiom about interviewing, that “past performance predicts future success.”  One other approach advocated by recruiter/headhunter Nick Corcodilos is to “demonstrate the future job performance” at the interview, not merely describe past behavior and outcomes.  Part of Nick’s rationale makes a lot of sense: you are thus actually already doing the job even though you as yet have not been hired.  This shows initiative and forward thinking as well as confidence in being able to do the work–something that is pretty hard to fake one’s way through.


Study this two-page handout and use the second page to plan out how you can prepare for any interview.  Doing this type of preparation will help you ‘rehearse’ for the interview, and even give you a chance to ‘put on’ the assignment to see if you think it fits.  Then you’re prepared to go to the interview with greater confidence and an approach to demonstrate what you can do.