My “Affinity” Groups

‘Affinity’ used as an adjective is defined as “of or pertaining to persons who share the same interests,” such as to arrange charter flights for opera lovers or enjoying playing or watching baseball

Those who would like to help you find work or sustain your (and their) careers could be an affinity group.  Hobbyists with a commom interest in some activity, knowledge, skill or ability can be an affinity group.  People who share a common religious faith are an affinity group, and a potentially very strong and influential one.  Finding and sustaining connections to such folks with common affinities is the essence of networking.  So, identifying and nurturing your connections with people is important to your life and your work.

Here’s a chart to help you identify, make an initial connection, and set a plan in motion to build that network, bor both your benefit and the benefit of others with those common affinities.  There are others just waiting to meet you!  Go connect and enrich their life and yours for your mutual life and work benefit.