The Email Networking Follow-up Letter A Sample/Outline

Staying connected to your network is a critical part of anyone’s networking, especially during a job or career transition.  Here’s a letter format with examples that has helped others in transition keep connected to their networks, reminding those folks that their help and “keeping their eyes open for helpful information” (not just jobs open) is one of the best forms of assistance they can give.

[A conversation about this model for regular communication to your network with your EaRN Coach will very likely help you make fullest use of the ideas contained in it.  They provide a framework for your networking, planning and activities to find your next work assignment and keep yourself employable.]

NOTE the five main points or paragraphs following the introduction, and that the letter is positive, forward looking, and that finishes with a request for the reader to “keep your ears and eyes open” for information – ideas – not just job vacancies. This format came from watching want two marketing communications professionals did during their transition. The next page is another example of this type of networking follow-up letter. – Ken Soper

Dear Friends:

You are most likely receiving this e-mail because you have been of help in my job search. Thank you for your kindness in helping me to network and to learn more about where and how I might use my gifts and skills in the future.


I have now been officially unemployed for 4 months, during which time I’ve made a lot of new friends and business contacts and renewed acquaintances from the past. Currently, I’m freelance writing for a number of clients. This has included producing marketing copy for two Christian publishers, creating a brochure for a local organization, helping to create a multi-media presentation, and giving editorial help for web site content and grant proposals.


I’m planning to submit an article titled “10 Things I Learned While Unemployed . . . and still counting” to a woman’s magazine. Currently, there seems to be some local interest, but I’ve been advised to submit to a large magazine first. Any ideas, I’m all ears. Some doors are opening to produce content for an audience of children and teenagers. Hope to have more details next month.


Long term plans include seeking a full-time position in writing with a Christian ministry or publication or an agency that has a non-profit focus. I am currently looking both in and outside the area for appropriate leads.


It’s all about networking. Want to learn more about how to networkねhelping yourself and helping others to find long term success in business and ministry? This isn’t an advertisement, just a “thumbs-up” for two books: What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles, and A Foot In the Door by Katharine Hansen.


Thanks so much for your friendship and assistance. If you have any ideas regarding contract or full-time employment, I’d love to hear about them. And don’t hesitate to drop me a line if there’s anything I can do for you. It’s always great to hear from you.

Warm Regards,

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