SWOT Analysis to Improve Your Work Search


‘SWOT analysis’ is an often used marketing and business planning process that helps companies understand their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and, subsequently, develop effective plans. It’s also a great process for understanding more about yourself during work search (or your Annual Career Checkup) and becoming more valuable to one’s new or current employer. And doing such an analysis could also be used by any job seeker to evaluate their SWOT for their job campaign. Doing so from time to time while looking for work (and in your new work position) can be helpful to gauging and redirecting your work search as needed…especially so if you Think-Of-YourselfAs-Self-Employed, or for short, TOYASE.

To do a SWOT analysis, answer the following questions downloading the chart at the bottom of the page.

Long-term or Career Objectives: What do you see as your objectives long-term, what you want to accomplish during your next 5 years and for your work life?

Short-term or Work Search Objectives: What do you need to accomplish to know you are making progress toward landing a new position?

Strengths: What do you do best? What advantages do you have? How have other people described your strengths? This is the time to take full credit for what you do well, but be realistic. In looking at your strengths, also think about them in relation to what is needed in your career field, occupation and/or industry. And, what are your competitors’ strengths?

Weaknesses: What needs to be improved, and what should be avoided? Find out if other people perceive weaknesses that you do not see. What may seem like criticism can really be an opportunity to shape yourself in a way you otherwise might not have thought of.

Opportunities: Where are the opportunities facing you? Is changing technology in your career field or occupation creating new markets, new product opportunities? Are social trends and government policies opening new doors for your industry, organization, or you?

Threats: What stands in the way of taking a new path? What are the possible repercussions? What is the downside of doing nothing more than maintaining the status quo? What is your competition doing? And, more importantly, how REAL and how BIG are these threats?

Conducting this analysis can show you how to identify your best talents, minimize the potential weaknesses and threats to your work search success and career security, and take the greatest possible advantage of available opportunities.