Vocational Discovery - You're Already "Wired" for Success!

Vocation (a Latin word) and Calling (a late Middle English word) both refer to the idea that Someone is summoning each of us to “be all you can be”, to use the phrase from an armed services recruiting slogan.  Author and pastor Frederick Buechner wrote, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Discovering how you are put together, designed, “wired” can be enlightening, encouraging, and affirming that you have talent that needs to be used to contribute to a better world, whatever those talents are.

This section of assessments, interpretative materials, exercises and articles can help you understand who you are, and what directions you might pursue to use your “time, talent and treasure” to your own benefit and responsibility for your self and others as well as work and live in the manner of a “whole-life steward”.  Included here are materials to help you come to understand why you are on this earth.

While you are free to work through these articles in any order, they are arranged in a recommended sequence.

  • First Exercise: Estimating Your Behavioral Preferences (EYBP)
    • Understanding Your EYBP Results and Summary
    • EYBP Profile Summaries
    • Occupations to Consider based on your EYBP Profile
    • Work Search Strengths & Weaknesses based on your EYBP Profile
    • Discovering God’s Will for Your Work and Life
  • Second Exercise: Estimating Your Holland Occupational Code (EYHOC)
    • Implications for your Work Search and/or Occupational Direction
  • Third: Use the ONET website
    • Gather information for work search and/or explore new directions