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The Tricky Business of Job Applications

Job applications have gone digital, at least for many businesses, though some of the small organizations in your community may still be using paper.  This section of articles and documents will help you develop an approach to dealing with application forms, whether you’re completing one online or filling out a paper version.  One key: keep in mind that completing an application is a test of your ability to follow instructions, yet also a challenge to the request for your personal information.

A conversation about these tips with your EaRN / Work Search Roundtable Coach will very likely help you make the fullest use of the ideas contained in them.  They provide a framework for your networking, planning and activities to find your next work assignment and keep yourself employable.  Hopefully, with networking, you will find that completing such an application is a minor task, and one that is more like completing an employee information form–that is, you’re already selected and the employer just needs to get the information to establish an employee record for you.