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Cover Letters

Effective Written Communication: Soft Skills Demonstrated

Written communication is a key skill in most work, increasingly so in an age of information. Cover letters (and email messages) often are ignored by readers when sent with a resume, and frequently one hears of people who accepted verbal job offers that were not what the new employee thought they were.

Here are some articles with suggestions on making such communications effective, preventing misunderstandings and frustration in applying, following up and accepting a new work assignment.

While you are free to work through these articles in any order, they are arranged in a recommended sequence.

A discussion about these tips with your EaRN Coach will very likely help you make fullest use of the ideas.  They provide a framework for your applying for positions, work search planning, follow-up, and other activities to find your next work assignment and keep yourself employable.

-Ken Soper, MA, MDiv, NCDA-recognized Master Career Counselor