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Developing Your Resume to What? Match Employers’ Needs!

Some experts define re·su·me or ré·su·mé (rĕz’ʊ-mā’, rĕz’ʊ-mā’) as a noun, “a brief account of one’s professional or work experience and qualifications, often submitted with an employment application”; “a summary”.  Yet it is so much more than that: an interview agenda, a qualifications brief, a marketing brochure selling a reader on the idea that your are the solution to their work assignment and task completion needs.
This category on how a resume can be used and developed will both help you compose and redraft resumes, but also understand how they are used and unfortunately misused in finding work and staying employable.  Having a resume that is current, and easily updated, will be imperative for those who adhere to the principle of TOYASE–think-of-yourself-as-self-employed–a mindset that is one of the catchphrases for this new century in a world that is “flat, hot, and crowded”.