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Finding Work

Studies have shown that most jobs are not found on the Internet or even in the newspaper contrary to the image below.  (Yes, the people in the picture here are following the less effective of two methods–read on.)  Most are found by a more proactive approach than responding to what is known–that is, has been announced to the public through Internet and newspaper job classified ads and staffing firm listings–a reactive method.  Staffing firms are playing a bigger role these days, however.

The first article in this section is a graphic representing how folks find work; it’s an attempt to show you these two ways.  Study it, and look for other articles in this section of the website to help you use both ways most effectively.

Here is a list of articles in this section–others are being added regularly.  While you are free to work through these articles in any order, they are sequenced in a recommended so as to lay a foundation for your thinking and action.

  • How People Find Work (graphic)
  • Work Search Implications for Each of the EYBP Strengths Combinations
  • Think Of Yourself As A Self-Employed “Free Agent”: TOYASE!
  • Annual Hiring Cycles (graphic)
  • Traits of Those Who Triumph Through Transition
  • Identify and Eliminate Your Barriers to Employment
  • Building Rapport is Essential to Finding Work and Networking
  • Coping with ‘Being-In-Transition’

A discussion about these diagrams and documents with your EaRN Coach will very likely help you make fullest use of the ideas contained in them.  They provide a framework for your work search thinking, planning and activities to find your next work assignment and keep yourself employable.

-Ken Soper, MA, MDiv, NCDA-recognized Master Career Counselor