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Estimating Your Behavioral Preferences (EYBP) Assessment Tool

This simple but insightful assessment tool can help you find new ways to articulate your strengths, identify areas for improvement (or at least minimize their impact), and even discover types of work that would likely fit you.  It will also help you begin to understand your preferred communication style and how you are naturally wired to work.

The article toward the end of this section, Understanding Your EYBP Results, can help you know several ways you can use the information the assessment suggests about your ‘behavioral preferences.’

A discussion about this assessment and the supportive documents with your EaRN coach will very likely help you make fullest use of the ideas contained in it.  That person also has access to other expert career coaching resources to help you.

The four groups of EYBP Profile Summaries and Occupations–ST, SF, NF and NT–you’ll find on the following pages.