Topic Progress:

Discovering directions to explore when making a career transition–whether mid-career, just graduating from high school or college, or at any point in your life where it makes sense–need not be a puzzling and frustrating experience, IF you just do a couple of tasks.

One of those is completing this straight-forward exercise based on well-regarded and tested research in the field of career counseling and coaching.  A means of doing so is to identify your ranking of six (6) themes in your preferred activities by using this ranking exercise–Estimating Your Holland Occupational Code (EYHOC).  The exercise is a forced-choice task producing an ordering of the six themes which can be used to identify likely occupations you’d enjoy and excel in performing.

Take the exercise by 1) downloading the PDF formatted document, 2) completing the first page’s exercise, and 3) then follow up doing so with a use of the theme rankings (first three letters of your code) and the U.S. government’s O*NET Online Occupation (You may need to copy and paste the URL into another browser or browser tab.)  See the ONET instructions following these instructions.